Our mission
We are Loono. Our mission is to show how important prevention is. Therefore, we organize educational workshops and lectures, write articles and films videos in which we talk about health and human body intelligibly. Loono inspires, encourages and teaches others to look after themselves with care and in time.


years of existence


young doctors, medical students and team enthusiasts




trained people


people have discovered cancer in time thanks to us

FIVE THINGS you should know about us


We have everything medically verified.

We stay positive and do not scare with statistics.

We believe that prevention can be fun.

We are independent and select our partners carefully.

We live by what we proclaim.


Guess what “Loono” means? Any ideas? You could not find it in a dictonary and your friends do not know either. Loono – lůno in Czech – means a womb where babies grow and where we all feel (felt) safe. We (Loono) create a safe atmosphere where people are not scared to talk about their health and open their hearts to us.


Kateřina Vacková’s short story

I was 22 years old. I studied the fourth year of Medicine at uni and was completely healthy. Then something started growing on my left ovary. It was getting larger and was malignant.

I had been waiting for eight hours until doctors agreed on a treatment. Eight hours during which I was sitting on bed and asking myself why. Why me? Why so young? Why now? I decided what I really want from my life and what I am going to do for it during those eight livelong hours.

And that is how Loono was founded. Loono should help especially young people to realize that the right time to think about their health is now. As it could be too late couple months later.


SozialMarie (2016)
International committee Sozial Marie rewards projects which face social challenges in a new and original way. We won the best project presentation in Czech round and we received the Award for social innovation in Vienna.
Gratias Tibi (2016)
Gratias Tibi Award which is given by People in Need appreciates young people who have a positive influence on their environment. We were one of the finalists in a category up to 30 years. It pleases us more to be surrounded by some many wonderful projects than a nice plaquette. The award was given in memoriam to Lucie Bittalová for a campaign “Měsíc raka”.
Patronage of Loono is provided by the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.