Jedno ti nestačí? Navlékni přívěsek a ukaž, že i ty #zijessrdcem. V balíčku najdeš také srdcařskou pohlednici, pár placek a samolepek. ❤️
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We show you how you change affectionate touches in healing ones as 30% of cancer is discovered by partner. Versed self-examining Kama Sutra with illustrations from Tomski&Polanski will teach you how to examine #prsakoule (#boobsnadballs) as a couple.
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#prsakoule (#boobsandballs) on your back? It is not a genetic defect, but a proud proclamation that you take care of #prsakoule (#boobsandballs) regularly. You might even remind somebody who is at your heels. A drawstring bag is from DOBRO edition from ZOOT.
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Diary which reminds you that it is time for self-examination every month? We prepared one together with a graphic studio VOALA. Weekly diary contains 12 stamps including space for your notes. You can choose from three colour options – blue, grey and “Loono”.
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Nobody else but you is responsible for your #prsakoule (#boobsandballs). You have to take care of them yourself. After you finish self-examination, put on a T-shirt from DOBRO edition from ZOOT so everybody knows where you touch yourself.
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Look at breasts always cheers up. There are nine different looks on postcards in this set. They are ideal for expressions of love. We had that tested.
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It is high time to pin it. Embellish yourself with a badge so everyone knows that you touch them every month. Package contains 5 big and 3 small badges.
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Where the stickers are, there is allowed…to self-examine, of course. Glue your hands to #prsakoule (#boobsandballs) and stickers all around.
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