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Healthy heart #zijessrdcem (#youlivewithyourheart)

Helping hand

The campaign I Touch Them Every Month teaches especially young people how to properly and regularly examine their breasts and testicles and discover any potential changes in time. Few people know that they should do self-examination once a month. You can see a hashtag #prsakoule (#boobsandballs) on all social media. People who have done self-examination for a current month use it. Tag yourself..

The campaign “You Live With Your Heart” teaches especially young people not only how to prevent cardiovascular diseases and how to discover them in time, but also how to react if they find themselves or anybody else in a situation of having a heart attack or stroke. As only few people know how to take care of their hearts and vessels properly. The official campaign hashtag is #zijessrdcem (#youlivewithyourheart).

We regularly meet with ill women, men and their families. We talk about how they experience their disease and what their sorrows are and we actively listen to them. If you know about somebody who we could support like this, tell them about us.