The campaign, “I Touch Them Every Month”, draws attention to the importance of self-examination in prevention of breast or testicular cancer. Its goal is to teach young people how to properly and regularly examine their #prsakoule (#boobsandballs) and discover any potential changes in time. Few people know that they should do so-called self-examination at least once a month.

We touch breasts 167 times a month, testicles about 369 times.

The official campaign hashtag is #prsakoule

Have you examined yourself or your partner? Let us know. Add our hashtag to your picture or status.


We organize educational workshops in companies, schools or festivals. Order a workshop or come to a public one.

Number of trained people

17 768

How can I get involved?
  • Become an ambassador
  • Order a workshop for my company, school or festival
  • Come to a public workshop
  • Purchase a DOBRO T-shirt
  • Examine #prsakoule (#boobsandballs) according to a manual
  • Become a partner of the campaign. I will contact you.
  • Become a donor of testicular / breast models.


#prsakoule (#boobsandballs) on a blog   Coming soon


Everyone wants to touch our #prsakoule (#boobsandballs). No wonder that they damage quickly and we have to buy new ones. However, they cost a lot of money. We announce a challenge “Become a donor of testicular/breast models” and help us raise awareness about importance of self-examination.   How? Donate 4200 CZK, which is the exact price for a testicular model in a plastic case including postage from Great Britain.

What can we offer you for it?

  • We put a sticker with your name or name of your company on a case.
  • We put your name under a section “Donors” on our websites.
  • We add 5 doughnuts and as many hugs as you want.
  • Most importantly, we will let you know how many people we have trained thanks to your donated testicular model and how many of them have discovered any potential changes in time!

What about a breast model? It costs 30 000 CZK. We will offer you 10 doughnuts and organize a workshop for your colleagues or friends.