The campaign “Your Heart for Life” teaches especially young people not only how to prevent cardiovascular diseases and how to discover them in time, but also how to react if they find themselves or anybody else in a situation of having a heart attack or stroke. As only few people know how to take care of their hearts and vessels properly.

The heart works 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year.
It beats around 36 792 000 times a year. Unfortunately, most people do not listen to those heartbeats.

The official campaign hashtag is #zijessrdcem (#yourheartforlife)

Have you done anything for your heart? Let us know. Add our hashtag to your picture or status.


We will organize educational workshops about the heart in companies, schools and festivals from October 2017. Order a workshop now or come to a public lecture.

Our goal is to train 15 000 people


The heart on a blog


As we want to show you how exceptional the heart is, we will organize an exhibition. A heart anatomy will be a main theme of art pieces created by artists in a field of product or fashion design, jewellery and illustration. A series of workshops and lectures about the heart will be a part of the charitable exhibition. Art pieces will be auctioned off after the end of the exhibition and collected money will be used for further running of “Your Heart for Life” campaign.

The exhibition will be a main charitable project of Designblok 2017

In March and April 2017, we organised a crowdfunding campaign in order to gain financial support for “Your Heart for Life” campaign. Together with you, we succeeded to collect 391 398 CZK! Therefore we will be able to fulfil our goal and teach people how to take care of their heart. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support!